Film Development Board (FDB) is established on 30 June 2000 by the Government of Nepal according to the existed Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act amended on 20th November 1991.

The constitution of the Film Development Board was with the Government’s deep interest in development and promotion of motion picture sector in Nepal.


It has obviously created an environment of supporting for the promotion of differential aspect of motion picture in Nepal. The Board thus, is indeed a liaison to facilitate the conceptualisation, making, distribution and exhibition of films in Nepal. It also attempts abridging the gap between the film entrepreneurship and the government processes. However, the Board is bound to take care of safety of the people and support to interest for the inspiring films of the common populace. The Board is in reality a balance among the people at large, government and the process of filmmaking. It is therefore, the safeguard of the interest of people, watchdog of government and facilitator of filmmakers.

How is the Board?

The FDB is constituted as following:

• Chairperson Government of Nepal Nominee
• Member Representative, Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC)
• Member Representative, Ministry of Finance (MoF)
• Members Three MoIC nominees from among the persons of film sector
• Member-Secretary Under-Secretary, MoIC

Current Board on Film Development Board

Board of Directors – www.film.gov.np


The Realm of Film Development Board

As the provisions made in Act and Rules the Board performs following duties and responsibilities:


  • Frames necessary policies and presents before the Ministry for the development and promotion of motion pictures.
  • Prepares plans and programmes for the development and promotion of motion pictures and to implement them.
  • Conducts necessary study and research for the development of film sector.
  • Encourages private sector to produce qualitative motion picture in any language of nation and other national languages.
  • Creates an environment for producing motion pictures as to preserve the Nepalese arts and culture.
  • Encourages foreign motion picture producer to produce motion picture, which helps to introduce Nepal to the world without prejudice to the ritual, cultural, and social beliefs of Nepal.
  • Organises film festivals and rewards or gives incentives to the persons who have substantially contributed to the film sector.
  • Makes necessary arrangement to protect film artist devoted to preserve Nepalese arts and culture.
  • Does other appropriate acts for the development and promotion of motion pictures.
  • Issues licence for production, distribution and exhibition of films in Nepal.

Board as a Facilitator


The Board facilitates the interested institutions and individuals to obtain licences or permissions for production, distribution and exhibition of films in Nepal. The legal provision seeks obtaining license from Government of Nepal for producing, distributing or exhibiting the feature and other types of films in Nepal.

Organization and Regular Function

There are three departments in the Board.

  • Research, Development & Production Division looks after the research, planning and development, production, library and archive, film festivals and international relations.
  • Distribution, Exhibition and Monitoring Division is responsible for distribution, exhibition and monitoring and supervision. It suggests the corrections in existing conditions as per regulations and set standards. There are provisions of penalty or fine for those violating the established norms regarding production, distribution and exhibition.
  • Finance and Administration Division manages for Board’s administration, accounts, procurement, computer and public relations.

The respective sections in Board look after the application forms for production, distribution or exhibition of films. The licence fees as prescribed by Government of Nepal from time to time.

The Board collectively decides on the policy matters, whereas the Chairperson looks after the decisions to be taken and Chairperson/Member-Secretary gets the decisions implemented.


Board as an Inventor

The Board is attempting for abridging the gap between Nepali films and potential audience. Films be a topic of talk in different walks of live is the mission of Board for which, it has been organising interactions among litterateurs, academicians, journalists, high level politicians, film personalities and of course the demand side or the people at large. These efforts have generated a number of film-literature and academic interests in film studies. The Board provides the University students conducting their dissertations in film with modest fellowship.

Films with realities of life giving message for enhancing the social understanding are always to be invented. The Board has been attempting for creating environment to conceptualise the essence of alternative and message-oriented cinema in Nepal and has expressed commitment to assist such noble efforts. Also, Board is inclined towards encouraging Cinema made in local languages. Some provisions for assistance for such Cinemas are also instituted.


Information and Archieves

The Board is also maintaining documentation and archives centre. FDB has established Film Information Centre, to share the infomation related to Nepali film industry. A computerised information system regarding Nepali films in Board is the asset of all interested individuals and institutions. The Board activities and provisions for licences are also available in Internet. The graduate dissertations completed in Universities related to film would also be available in Board’s Archives Centre.

The indices of business, popularity, and critic’s judgements of films would also be made available in Internet. Such information would support distributors, exhibitors and even the common audience to have right choices of the films of their interests.

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